Alexis Damien is a multi-facet composer whose body of work encompasses film, dance, concert works and interactive media.

He has started learning drums at 9 and has played or recorded as a musician in numerous experimental musical projects of rock, extreme metal and jazz : | Manhattan DIY | Pin-Up Went Down | Carnival in Coal | Wormfood | Void Paradigm | Superscream | A new day for heaven | Souk Urbain | Badjada | On-e …

He has recorded and produced several albums published, made numerous concerts and produced independent artists. Falling in love with orchestral music, he obtained a Master’s degree of composition (Rouen University, conservatoire) and started writing orchestral music with many influences: classical, electronic, jazz. With great rhythmic force of course.

He co-wrote for Orchestra of the Opéra de Rouen Normandie, under the musical direction of Yvan Cassar, as part of the Normandy Impressionist festival: La sonate de Vinteuil.

He wrote several albums for SPM Music Group (a music production company based in Los Angeles) : The crossing and Phantasmagoric. He also worked for Green United Music and Vega Prod.

He holds French national certificate of music teacher. He teaches at the conservatory of Grand Couronne.