Phantasmagoric is a bizarre, eccentric and quirky orchestral album with fun motifs, lively cinematic string arrangements, riveting horn and brass themes and dramatic, giddy and melancholy moods. Weird and eerie undertones, spooky soundscapes and lurking disharmony as from a surreal dark fairytale. Eccentric, Bizarre, Fun, and Riveting. For licence, please contact spmmusicgroup.

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The Crossing is a dark, sparse and tense thriller album, with ambient textures, edgy intense piano themes and emotional, evocative and sustaining pads. Somber and eerie underscore feel with sinister and melodic tension. Dramatic, Dark, Ambient and Ominous. For licence, please contact spmmusicgroup. Buy on Itunes Here.

Tracks in bulk. Some of these are under licence. Please contact for using.